When loneliness hits – Striving

 Dim light
Black sight
Looking up into the plain ceiling night
Quiet surrounding
Humming sounding
Silent mutter
But with most silence inside
The heart beats
Quiet & Alone
Searching & craving for that one thing
Moments pass
Seconds into minutes
Loneliness hits
& temptation begins
Fighting back your Nafs and desires
Holding onto Allah’s rope much tighter
Blocking out what we should not desire
Remembrance of Allah
And His promises He’s told
To the one who remains most patience and strong
Those moments will pass
Reward will be given
From sources that could not have even been imagined
Holding on strong
Aiming to please our Lord
Fearing the one
& to remembering
That loneliness is better than the bad company
That we could have been given
Making Dua
That InshaAllah we can all re-route
With Allah’s strength
From what we are not suppose to do.

Poem submitted by Maria B