Welcome to the new Islamic Experiences

We’ve been through many new designs this past year but inshaAllah The website will continue to improve as more features are available. Although many things were implemented, so many others were taken out like Google Translate for example.

The most important part of the update is the way to view the experiences/stories. You can change the way you view them by clicking on the first tab on the left (it currently says Magazine, which is the current layout) I will go over each one and explain why or why not it is a good fit for Islamic Experiences. Please look at these modes carefully as I will post a facebook question and allow everyone to vote on what they think is the best layout.Voting will last until the end of the month and the most chosen mode will be the one that be the default option each time you go to this site…well, maybe.

Classic: This mode shows the every single article in its entirety. This makes the website look extremely long and it will take forever to scroll down the pages. This mode will not be nominated for the vote.

Flipcard: This mode shows all the articles and almost requires no scrolling to view them all. They are presented in small squares which you click and will show you the full article. This would have been nominated but Islamic Experiences is still fairly new and I don’t want it to look like there barely isn’t anything on the site. But there is also the option to view them by date, author, tags, etc.

Magazine: This is the mode currently presented on this site and it is the one I personally like as well. (I also like Sidebar mode which we will get to shortly). This mode gives a lot of attention to the newest article posted on the site and shows some attention to the fairly recent ones as well before treating the rest of the articles in the same format I have before implementing this new look. This mode will be nominated.

Mosaic: This mode makes everything look unorganized. This is good only for websites that showcase pictures. Islamic Experiences isn’t about photography therefore, this mode is not a good fit for the site. This will not be nominated.

Sidebar: This mode put all the articles on the left hand side of the site. It shows the full article on the other side and you can scroll the articles and the article currently being read separately. This is my second best personally choice but I still like magazine mode for its way of showing new articles. This will be nominated.

Snapshot: Once again, like mosaic mode, this is meant for websites that showcase lots of pictures. This mode, however, also doesn’t show all of the articles for some reason so it is definitely not an option. This will obviously not be nominated.

Timeslide: This layout is nice and neat. It showcases articles from left to right (by date of publication) and every now and gives attention to random articles. This will be nominated.

This is just the beginning. As the year 2012 enters, expect a lot more changes being done in terms of widgets and functionality and as well as the comments system. Oh and by the way, there will be a vote on which mode is best on Facebook but I’ve already decided the winner (its magazine). But I am still curious as to what modes you guys like so I will put all the options (even the ones I said that won’t be nominated) in the poll.

May Allah forgive our shortcomings. Ameen.