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**EDIT: I have changed the font color so it is not as bad on the eyes as it was before. I think the new font color is ok so the need for a redesign isn’t urgent and will be delayed. I urge you all, though, to still comment on what changes you think should be made on this site.**

There have been many complaints that the text on this site hurts the eyes, making it hard to read and sometimes causes headaches. This is because the text on this site is mostly white and the background is black. To fix this, I would have to change the text color as well as the background. But doing so isn’t going to be easy as the site won’t look good if I just simply change the two. Therefore, I  am going to have to redesign the entire website. This is going to take sometime and once this website has been changed, I won’t be making any more changes for a long while.

Because of this reason, I am giving you all the chance to have a say in the way I redesign Islamic Experiences. This site is, after all, designed for visitors to share their experiences so it is very important that the website is redesigned to be catered to everyone’s liking. That being said, I ask all of you, what do you want to see on the new website? What features should be added/removed? What color should this website be? etc. Whatever you want to say, just comment and I’ll try to the best of my ability to implement them on the new redesigned site. JazakAllahar and may Allah bless everyone involved in helping Islamic Experiences a better website.

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2 responses to “Website redesign”

  1. 1. i would suggest my brother to use light colors (lively colors) instead of black.
    2. should chat box for online question and answer portion.
    3. open discussion related to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, just set some rules to avoid offensive comments or topics.
    4. should a hadith for the day
    5. real-time daily prayers

    i hope these suggestions would help my brother