Updates: What we’ve added and what needs to be done

This summer, I’ve been hard at work trying to update this website. A lot (and I mean A LOT) has changed during these past 2 months. From a website that looked like it was created in 1998 to a more modern look and feel, this website has been through some major improvements alhamdulilah. I’ve looked at what’s needed to be done and reviewed people’s opinions on what Islamic Experiences should add, take off, implement, etc. So that being said, Click “Read More” to view the changes that’s been done and what will be done in the future inshaAllah.

What’s been done:

Most of the updates are actually about our facebook page rather than our actual website but before I get to that, let me talk about the small changes that have been done to this site.

  • I have added two new tabs. “Quran” and “Video” Both of those tabs take you to places out of this website. The “Quran” tab leads you to a website where you can read and listen to the Quran. You can also view the translation. The reason I choose that website because within that website is also another link that leads you to a website where you can read the Quran in it’s orginal book. (there are 12 Qurans in total that you can read from). I have posted both of those websites in the past but now they are at the front page at all times.
  • The “video” tab leads you to our YouTube channel where you can watch all the videos that Islamic Experiences has uploaded. Please subscribe as we will not post or let you know of any new videos that have been uploaded until I figure out a proper way of doing so.

Also I have taken on that navigation bar that was always at the top of this website. This should have been done a long time ago but there were so many things that needed to be worked on that there was no time to deal with it. Well, now it’s gone and without it, Islamic Experiences looks a little more professional and inshaAllah it will give Islamic Experiences a bit more creditability.
Now for our facebook page:

  • All of the changes are on the left column below the logo. First thing you’ll notice is the Quran app where you can do all of the things I’ve mentioned above but in facebook (with the exception of reading the Quran in it’s original book). So if you want to read Quran while waiting for someone to message you, well, now that’s possible.
  • Second thing is the YouTube app where all of our videos will be shown. When we upload a video, it should automatically post on our wall.
  • Thirdly, there is the “latest Experiences” app. This is where all of the recent experiences, stories and other posts will be located. This post will also be there as well. Since our wall will be filled with other things such as videos, links, and statuses, I thought that it would be great to filter out everything else and have only experiences be shown. The YouTube app above basically does the same thing, it filters out everything and shows you only the videos that Islamic Experiences has uploaded.
  • Lastly, is the “Experiences central” app. This is app summarizes everything on our wall and puts it into categories. There is the featured category where it shows you featured content (mainly experiences). There is the photo category which shows you all of the photos that have been uploaded to our facebook page. There is the shared links category that shows you all of the links that have been shared. Last but not least is the videos category which shows you the videos that have been posted on our wall (including videos that aren’t uploaded by Islamic Experiences). This app also posts the latest experiences, stories, and posts automatically so I don’t have too! Not that I’m lazy, it’s just that as Islamic Experiences continues to grow, there will be many new things to post on this site making it unrealistic for me post them on facebook.

The last thing on the left column is the likes section. The only pages that Islamic Experiences will ever like are the pages of its partners. There are many pages of people and other Islamic websites that I personally like but in order to keep this website more professional, I will not let my views represent this website as a whole. This is because what I may like will cause people who don’t like the same things to stop visiting this website. We all have our own opinions and this website is a collection of everyone’s experiences not just mine.

What needs to be done:

You tell me. I am a college student (you can read more about me here) so therefore, i won’t have much time as I’ve had this summer to update and makes any great changes to this website. However, I will always be available to post your stories and experiences. I do understand that the website might not look too good with an all white background and inshaAllah, I will work on that as fast as I can. Islamic Experiences’ partnership with Baruch MSA is a partnership that bring many new videos and projects for many months and inshaAllah years to come.

What you can do is help share this website with your friends and family and post your stories and experiences. Without your support, this website would not have been where it is today. And without your continued support, this website won’t be able to serve its purpose. Therefore, please help support this site. I am not asking for your donation as I will take care of all the web hosting fees myself. But what I’m kindly asking is for you to subscribe to our YouTube page, to like our facebook page, and to share this website with everyone you know.

May Allah bless everyone and make us all go to paradise and forgive our sis. Only Allah knows our future and where we’re headed so I ask Allah to give us what’s best. Make the best of the remaining few days of Ramadan!