[UPDATE] Arabic word of the day

 **UPDATE: It has come to my attention that the Arabic words are the same words being presented over and over again with nothing new. If I find another good Arabic word of the day widget, I will replace it instead of the old one. Until then, I will remove it from this website.**
Salam! Sorry about the lack of activity on this website as I have been very busy with my studies. Now the purpose of coming back to this website is so that you can read an experience every once an a while and learn, comment, etc. However, if there aren’t any new experiences being posted, whats the point of coming back to this website? Well first off, if you want to see more experiences, you’re going to have to post them yourself. This way, you will encourage others to do the same. But I know people are lazy and so I will give you guys another reason to visit this website: To learn Arabic one word at a time..
At the top right side of this website below the Google Translate feature, you will see a Arabic word of the day widget. This widget gets updated everyday with a new word for you to learn. This will not only make you visit Islamic Experiences on a daily basis but you will also learn a new word in Arabic everyday. Did I mention that it can also pronounce the word for you? Did I also mention that if you click on the “More about this word” button, you’ll be able to see the word being used in a sentence as well as having the entire sentence being read to you if you wish? Well I mentioned them now. 

May Allah be with us all inshaAllah