Translate Islamic Experiences into any language

This feature has actually been here for a while. But with an increase in viewers from around the world (thanks in part to the Islamic Experiences app available on the Ovi Store), there are bound to be people who don’t necessarily understand the English language. So with that I would like to introduce to you…well, Google Translate! No, you don’t have to go to their website in order to translate this website (otherwise, this wouldn’t be a feature). Want to translate Islamic Experiences into any language you want (or at least in a language that Google Translate offers)? Then all you have to do is look under the “Ovi Store” banner on the right side of this site and you will see the option to select a language you want this site to be translated to. Its that easy! If you’ve enjoyed this site in English, then I’m sure you will enjoy it even more in your native language!