The ultimate truth of life is death

An experience by a person who wishes to remain anonymous.

I never used to pray. Being born in a Muslim family, I took Islam for granted. Never knew why prayer was important. It just simply [was] not a part of my life. I was so into school and getting good grades in college that my happiness entirely depended on my tests and exam scores. Then One Day…It ALL CHANGED!

Out of the blue, I saw a video on YouTube by some student of knowledge talking about why do the Muslims of today not pray. He explained very briefly that the main reason was that our hearts had become hard because we never engage in the remembrance of Allah. That the complexities of this world have busied us to such an extent, that we forget the ultimate truth!!! Let me share with you all the ultimate truth. The ULTIMATE TRUTH OF LIFE… IS DEATH!!! Yes we will all die, and no one can deny that. I do not care how hard they [try] to reverse aging; Allah (swt) is the Best of Planners.
This is why we do not pray! Because we do not contemplate our death and never imagine that such a thing can EVER happen to us (esp. at this young age). We do not think we will leave this world, so why bother preparing for the next (i.e. – through prayer), we feel like our entire lives revolve around our present and future.
So then I listened to a lecture about death, and naturally, guess what happened? It softened my hardened heart. It made me cry. It made me realize, I am striving so hard for a world that will one day become very distant to me. I felt like I was establishing such a home in this world that when the angel of death comes for my soul, I would NOT WANT TO GO WITH IT!!! Subhan’Allah. Because I would have prepared nothing to GO TO!!!
So yes, that’s how I started praying, that’s how my heart softened to the remembrance of Allah and that is what the Ultimate truth [is].
“An Intelligent person is one who thinks about his death often”.
It’s a quote; I will let you all guess who said it!

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One response to “The ultimate truth of life is death”

  1. ALL of Life and all that is in it is a part of the infinite mind / Allah
    And the only way that life can go wrong is by the limited finite mind / Man

    Each and every life and all that life contains is a part of the infinite mind / Allah
    And the only way that life can go wrong is by the limited finite mind / Man