The story of 4 brothers who get married

[A sequel to this story has been published titled: The story of 4 sisters seeking a spouse]

Four best friends met at a cafe as usual. At noon, they ordered their favorite food and began to ask each other one important question. It was a question about what kind of a spouse they are looking for. Yaqoub, Sami, and Nasr looked at each other while Mohammad asked them this question.

Nasr immediately said he wanted a beautiful wife. He looked as if he was daydreaming talking about the wife he would want looking at the sky. Mohammad sighed as he looked at Yaqoub saying he wanted to marry a rich woman. He asked, “Why?” He said, “That’s because if she is rich, then she won’t ask me for anything. She will already have everything she ever wanted”

Sami looks around and whispers to Mohammad saying, “I want a girl who comes from a noble lineage! You know why?” Mohammad asks, “Why?” “Because this will make sure that she will be a woman of honor and people will treat me with lots of respect. If she is coming from a good family, then she must be perfect in everything.”

Mohammad puts his head down looking very depressed. “Yo! What’s wrong?” Nasr asked. Mohammad replied, “Nothing! Hold on just about everything!!!”

He looks at all three of his friends and tells them,

Allah’s Messenger (Sall Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said:

“A man marries a woman for four reasons: for her property, for her rank, for her beauty, and for her religion (and character). So marry the one who is best in the religion and character and prosper”. ( Bukhari and Muslim)

“As your friend, I highly advice you all not to go after wealth, status or beauty! They will all fade, trust me! A Muslimah who has a good heart is better than any other woman in the world. Her beauty is her imaan through which she will always shine doing everything for the sake of Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala. You all will be very happy. “

Sami, Yaqoub, and Nasr remain silent looking at each other. Mohammad tells them that he wants to marry a pious woman. They all wish each other the best of the best and leave the cafe. A few months later, the four friends graduate from college and go their separate ways.

Nasr moves to England to live with his parents. Sami goes back to Bangladesh and gets a job there. Yaqoub and Mohammad both get married in US. Mohammad says his good bye to his friend, Yaqoub and lives in Madinah with his wife, Habibah.

A year later, all the four friends decide to meet each other at their university. Mohammad hugs Sami, Nasr and Yaqoub. He meets them with lots of love and happiness. Nasr asks his friends how life has been for them.

It starts with Sami, who says that he got married recently and married the girl with a good lineage from his culture. Mohammad, “That’s good mashaAllah I am happy for you”. Sami looks very upset but no one says anything.

Next, Yaqoub says that he married a rich woman. “She is just amazing. I mean every time I come home from work, she asks me to cook the food because she doesn’t like to enter the kitchen”, he says. “Oh! And yeah once the month starts, I get bombarded with so many bills. I don’t even shop for myself anymore. She just likes to spend money on herself on things she doesn’t even need! I am not happy with my marriage and Sami stop hiding I know you are not happy either!!” Sami and Yaqoub get into an argument and finally agree that they made the wrong choice. “What was I thinking!!”, Sami puts his drink on the table in anger. Now everyone looks at Nasr who keeps smiling all this time looking at his friends. Mohammad asks, “What’s up? Why are you smiling so much “?”

Nasr says, “Look at you all! How miserable you all look! I haven’t married yet. I haven’t found the girl of my dreams. The way I see you all unhappy with your marriage doesn’t give me much hope. I am happy the way I am. Life is fun and I plan to enjoy it. I don’t think I am ready for marriage”.

Mohammad: “Alhamdulillah I have made the right choice. I married a good Muslimah. MashaAllah she is very loving and caring towards me. I do not have any complains with her. We are very happy and content with what Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala has provided us with. I hope I be in Jannah with her insha’Allah”

Nasr, Yaqoub and Sami see their friend Mohammad and how happy he looks in every way. They all realize that marrying a righteous Muslimah would have been the best thing for this world and the hereafter.

Before Mohammad leaves, he gives an advice to his friend, Nasr: 
“Search a beautiful heart, not a beautiful face. Beautiful things are not always good, but good things are always beautiful…”

He meets Yaqoub and advices him to treat his wife well.

‎”Women are one half of society which gives birth to the other half so it is as if they are the entire society.” [Ibn Al-Qayyim]

He tells Sami, “My dear friend, I know you always wanted to marry a rich woman. However, wealth is not everything. Teach your wife and tell her to invest her money in the Hereafter instead of this world. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sall Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) has taught us that richness is in contentment. Be happy that you have a wife and try to do more good deeds inshaAllah.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Four things bring one joy: a righteous wife, a spacious house, a pious neighbor and a comfortable riding animal.” (Al-Hakim, Abu-Nu`aym and Al-Bayhaqi)

Nasr, Yaqoub and Sami thank Mohammad for His sincere advice. They all work hard to get closer to Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala. They constantly practice patience with their wives and treat them kindly as Mohammad had advices them. A few years later, seeing their husbands change and getting closer to Allah Subhana Wa ta’ala, their wives also become devout Muslims Alhamdulillah.

 The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

“If Allah grants a Muslim a righteous wife, this helps him preserve half of his religion (faith). He should, therefore, fear Allah as regards the other half.” (At-Tabarani and Al-Hakim)

Story submitted by Ishrat Ali.