The boy with a dream

Story by Anonymous
In the city of Damascus, lived a young man named Abdullah. He was known for his kindness and diligence. If anyone would call him for help, he would help them even it was the middle of the night. He loved his mother and father very much. They both were very pious and always made sure they took care of Abdullah with excellent Islamic teachings.

Abdullah’s love for sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was so amazing. He would always smile at everyone. He always made sure he had the best of manners with the elders and the younger people as well. He was the man of his word and principles. He would do his best to go forth any extra challenge and to help others. Whoever knew him began to respect him and love him. There was always something to learn from Abdullah.

Abdullah’s personality is very unique. He would spend more time with his elders than the kids of his age. He would go to the masjid and the religious gatherings every now and then. If he needed an advice, he would ask his mother or father. If he needed more answers regarding his Deen, he would sit by the imam in the masjid and ask him. His wisdom and knowledge about Islam grew more and more stronger. Soon Abdullah became a very pious man.
One stormy night, Abdullah went to sleep after ‘isha prayer. He closed his eyes and had a dream.
This was the dream:
The lights were flickering and the storm grew fiercer and fiercer every second. There was a beautiful garden nearby… Abdullah could smell it from a distance. He walked towards the garden which led him to a huge palace like place. Abdullah walked towards the Palace. It was so beautiful and it was green. It had Islamic Calligraphy beautifully carved inside the walls. The place was magnificent. It was nothing that Abdullah has ever seen in his life.
Abdullah froze for a moment. He didn’t know if he should enter it. He knocked on the door and no one responded. The storm was getting more scarier. It felt as if the lightening surrounded Abdullah and rain poured over him.
Abdullah still knocked and knocked before he would enter the place. This time, the door opened by itself. Abdullah entered. His clothes to his surprise were not wet anymore. He felt as if the rain never touched him. He went to the door and looked outside, the rain was gone. The rainbow appeared. The sight was beautiful outside. Abdullah felt so happy.
He walked inside trying to find anyone. There was an old man sitting in a rocker, he invited him inside. He said he was the librarian. Abdullah now knew this is a library. The librarian took him around.
Abdullah became astonished to find so many books and there were all on Islam and related to Islam. There were so many volumes of Quran, Islamic articles, Islamic magazines, Islamic art, Islamic calligraphy and everything Islam. Abdullah felt he was in a treasure island. He had never seen so many books in his life. There were millions of them, each categorized and organized well.
The clock hit 9 am and so many people entered the library. There were people from different countries, some were Muslim and some were non-Muslim. There were little children carrying the Quran in their hands. The old men sitting together in a gathering and teaching the young ones about Islamic Teachings.
Abdullah’s joy was out of this world. He stood there watching all the librarians help the ummah. There were about 200 librarians there. The library had scholars and teachers. It was great to see everyone thirsty for knowledge.
Abdullah takes out the Quran from the shelf and reads “Bismillah” and suddenly he opens his eyes. He soon realizes that it was a beautiful dream that he just had.
Abdullah looks at the time. It was 4am. He gets up from his bed and makes wudhu. He performs Tahajjud prayer and makes du’a. In his du’a, Abdullah cries to Allah and says:

O Allah! The Most Merciful One! Lord of the Worlds. My heart seeks You in this middle of the night. All are asleep and the moon is still shining on my side. I feel grateful to You Ya Rabb for what you have bestowed me and for everything You have given me. Ya Allah, there is nothing more pleasing to me than to do something that pleases You! My pleasure is in Your pleasure that rejoices my heart. Remembering You makes me feel alive ya my Rabb! I seek Your help Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum!! For there is no one who can help me other than You. I wish ya Rabb to please You and to fulfill my dream to please You. Your help is greater than anything. There is nothing more I can ask for than to have You on my side Ya Allah! I know what I seek seems impossible but I know only You can help me my Lord. Please help me fulfill this dream of mine through which I seek nothing more than Your pleasure.

O Allah, the One, The Most High, the Eternal, Who is able to so all things, Who is in control of the entire universe, and to Whom all things must return. Please grant me success in this world and the hereafter. O Allah please help me achieve my goals Ameen Ya Rabb. Abdullah cries so much and feels tranquility in his heart. He becomes very hopeful regarding his dream.

The next day, Abdullah starts to collect Islamic books. He tells his father about his dream and seeks his advice on how he can fulfill it.
His father tells him to be patient and work hard for it. Abdullah studies hard day and night. He never misses his Tahajjud prayer and asks Allah for help in everything.
After his graduation, Abdullah joins his father in business. Very soon Abdullah becomes a very successful businessman. He saves money to build an Islamic library. Abdullah’s friends and relatives start to collect Islamic books as well. Abdullah fills his house with Islamic books.
After years of planning and hard work, Abdullah builds his dream Library. He organizes the books himself and his community helps him out as well.
After 30 years of continuous hard work and patience, Abdullah builds a library for the ummah. People from around the world visit Abdullah’s library.
This was the boy who dreamed and with Allah’s help fulfilled it seeking Allah’s pleasure.

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