The best of mankind


In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful

This is a poem dedicated to the one man who deserves all of our love and obedience because of the sacrifices he has made for all of us….

A noble man he was, the best of mankind
Most beloved in the sight of Almighty Allah
He taught us to be best in conduct
His life was the perfect example of righteousness
Kind-hearted, generous and a great leader he was.

With patience and perseverance he spread a mighty message
Calling people of all castes and cultures to a noble way of life,
A way of life favored by Almighty Allah,
Forbidding what is evil, and enjoining what is right,
To religion of God he called us, To success he calls us

He invited us to the truth of Al-Islam
He asks us to submit wholeheartedly to Allah
To peace and tranquility he calls us
To eternal salvation, to Paradise he calls us
He is none other than our beloved & most honorable messenger of Allah
Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the best of mankind.

Poem submitted by Samra