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Rules for submitting your experiences:

1) You must type your name, valid email, title, and your story. If you wish to remain anonymous, simply type anonymous in place of your name (but please mention if you’re a brother or sister).

2) If you have any pictures you wish to present along with your story, simply place the URL of the image in the area of your story where you would like to post it and we’ll try our best to post your image along with the story. If the image is from your computer and you wish to have it posted on your story as well, upload your image to a image hosting site (ImageShack recommended), then place the URL appropriately. You can also submit a YouTube video of your experiences instead of posting a story. Just follow step 1 above and replace your story with the YouTube link.

3) You can expand the text box by dragging it from the bottom right hand corner to any length or width desirable if you feel you need more room to write on. When you are done writing your story, simply press the “Submit Form” button. There will be a message saying that your story/experience has been sent. Click “continue” and it will lead you to a thank you page. Once again, click “continue” and it will lead you back to Islamic Experiences.

4) Once your story has been submitted, we will review it for any offensive or slanderous material, spam, and anything else we feel is inappropriate before publishing it. Hatred towards another religion or race will NOT be tolerated, and your story will be rejected if it shows any hints of that. Islam is a religion of peace and Islamic Experiences is a reflection of that.

NOTE: The review process takes time so do not be alarmed if it takes a while. Some experiences might get approved faster than others. It just depends on the circumstances but as long as your story/experience meets the guidelines above, there should be nothing to worry about.

ALSO: It is recommended that you subscribe to your experiences or stories to find out who is commenting on your story so you can respond to them.

For advertisers:

If a story is mostly about a product or service rather than the experience itself, Islamic Experiences considers that to be a product placement post. If you are looking to post a story, article, or a review of a product or service that you believe will benefit people in practicing Islam, please click here to contact us and we will discuss the details in regards to doing so.