Story of Prophet Musa (AS)

Story of Prophet Musa (AS)

    Prophet Musa (AS) lived in Egypt with his brother Haroun (AS). At that time Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt, was a bad person who thought of himself as god. One day Pharaoh thought that one of  the baby boys from the poor families would try to kill him so they could be king. So, he ordered  all the baby boys to be killed every other year. Prophet Musa (AS) was born on one of those  years. His mother was worried but Allah told her to place Musa (AS) into a basket and she asked her daughter to watch him until he reached the pharaoh’s palace. Pharoah’s wife was so  happy to see baby Musa and decided to adopt him. When he grew up, pharaoh had the poor people work for him.

     Allah asked Prophet Musa (AS) to save the poor workers and he took them to  Sinai. They had to cross the water, so Prophet Musa (AS) hit his stick on the ground and Allah made the water split in half. Musa (AS) and the people crossed to safety. Pharaoh followed them to try to kill them, but right after he entered, the water the sea went back to the right place, pharaoh and his army drowned and Prophet Musa (AS) got to Sinai safely and they did not die.  

     There was a lot of gold left behind from the Pharaoh and his people after they drowned. The  people following Prophet Musa (AS) were fighting over it. Prophet Musa (AS) told his brother to gather all the gold and he buried it so they would stop fighting. He said that the gold didn’t belong to them. When Prophet Musa left, Al samri took the gold out to make an idol for the  people to worship. He melted the gold and made a golden cow, and after he built it people were very happy and they forgot what Prophet Musa had taught them. Haroon(AS) was very upset when he saw that, he reminded that Allah is the only God. They didn’t listen to him. Prophet Musa(AS) returned, he was very sad and upset when he saw the idol. He said what have you  done after I left and asked his brother why he didn’t stop them. Haroon said that he tried but  they didn’t listen. Prophet Musa (AS) decided to destroy the idol and punish Alsamri for what he did. He kept reminding the people that Allah is our only God and that Alsamri shouldn’t have done that. 


    The story of Prophet Musa (AS) taught me that if you believe in Allah, even if you are weak and  have no way to protect yourself, He can save you if you are in danger and protect you from evil. Also that if I see someone doing something wrong , I don’t follow them and stick to what I believe in. 

By Yasmeen Molokhia (Age 8)


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