Salat Time

A story by Princess Chamsous Sabah

I heard this from someone long time ago. I am not sure if it’s a true story. Once there was a pious family who had an only child. They wanted to teach him about the importance of salah. After a long thought and discussions, his mother and father decided to teach him salat and it’s importance.

One day, their son came home from school. He was very hungry. He wanted to eat some food. He went to his mother asking for food. His mother said, “I don’t have any food. If you want food, go and pray and ask Allah to provide you some food” The boy goes and starts praying, his mother went and brought food and kept it on the table.

Once the boy was done praying, he found the food on the table. He became happy and thanked Allah for it. He ate everything and went to do his homework.

Everyday same thing happened. The boy would go pray and the food was right there. However, one day the boy’s mother was not home. She was out so she couldn’t cook anything for her child. Her son came home from school as usual and prayed. He was very hungry this day. As soon as he got done from his prayer, he saw the table but there was no food on it. He got upset but then he thought may be he didn’t pray correctly. So he prayed again. Then, when he came back; still there was no food. He got very disappointed. He thought to himself, I will pray again and I will pray in a very good way. This time he prays with complete concentration in his salah in a perfect manner. After that, he checked the table. He found the food. The boy sat down and ate it.

Few minutes later, his mother came home and rushed to cook him some  food. Once she got done, she asked her son to eat it. He said he already ate. She asked how? He said I came home and prayed but there was no food. Then I prayed again, then there was still nothing on the table. Finally I prayed again in a good manner and the food was there. I ate it and it was the best food I ever tasted it in my life. Upon hearing this, his mom gives him a hug and she feels so happy about it.