Sahoor time!

An experience by a sister who wishes to remain anonymous.

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem

All praise be to Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala

Alhamdulillah today I woke up for Sahoor and had my meal. Then I went to drink some water. When I went to fill my cup, the water gallon was empty. Alhamdulillah I got nearly 2 drops of water to drink. Then I improvised with something else.

While looking at those 2 drops of water in my cup which meant so much to me at this moment because I was very thirsty. I needed it and it made me realized how blessed I am to have water.

What about those who have little or no water at all. I cannot even imagine how they are living without it, with less water. SubhanAllah! Ramadan is the time when we truly get to know how the people around the world are suffering with no food or water. They are going through much much harder times.

Everything we have is a blessing and if we cherish that very drop of water we have, we would truly acknowledge what we have. We have so much. Sometimes when I come home from outside and it’s summer. The first thing I do once I reach home is to drink some water. At this time, water seems like the best thing in the world and it is! Having the best thing in the world, we have everything. There is no need to complain. Alhamdulillah for water. Alhamdulillah for everything.

O Allah! Please bless this ummah with provision and provide for them. Ameen