Reflections on Syria – A poem

2010, 2 years on from the Gaza Massacre
A poem I wrote in remembrance
2012, a year’s gone by
with Syrian people being put to die
Graphic images
on videos and pages
the oppressors come on the screen to lie
while people out there cruelly die
distressed, for our help they cry
while we are here thinking of me, myself and I
Rocked my heart and made me cry
It may well have been a year,
but it seems even a thousand years will not make this pain one to bear
It seems as though it was just in the few moments past
that Assad’s bombs blast!
Tearing away the souls of my brothers and sisters
the ones who survived had bodies full of blisters
Sitting at home I looked on stupidly
as our Ummah was torn apart mercilessly
Wallahi there was nothing I could do to assist
as my brothers tried their best to resist
the killing machine went on ceaselessly
they just kept on murdering people as close to me as my family
I may have cried, i may have put that status update up,
but O people of Syria forgive me, what I did was just not enough
I have a call to those who pay heed and want to earn themselves a good deed
wake up in the middle of the night
with your lovely sleep give in a fight
stand up and pray 2 rakah

and enjoy the blessings of tahajjud salaah
Oh believers do not forget
for Allah has given us a weapon which is strong
therefore do not regret
for if you use the weapon, you will never go wrong
raise those two palms
and see Allah’s charms
ask Allah for success
and watch as He takes us out of all the distress
Dua is our weapon, stronger than all
if we utilize it good, the enemy will fall
that’s the least you can do
if your love for the Ummah is true
cry unto our Master at the dead of the night
such that our brothers and sisters win the fight
You might scoff, not give a damn, and just read through it but if you don’t stand up for them who will for you? Tomorrow it could me or your father and mother or my brother and sister, take action now
It pains me, it hurts me, but I have yet not been able to do enough
Ya Allah I raise my hands to You, for I know i failed but you are the Most Powerful
Free Syria from the hands of this tyrant, and deliver them to success in this life and the next

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Poem submitted by Raiiq Ridwan