Read the Quran online in their orginal books

See the small light blue rectangle below one of the Qurans above? That’s the Quran I’m currently reading

Ever walked into a mosque and found a Quran that you liked to read a lot. It was different from the other ones in the shelf because it has a different style of writing or the pages looked better. Then you tried finding that same Quran in an Islamic book store but to no avail (unsuccessful). Of course you can’t steal the Quran and bring it home with you so what are you going to do.? Well what if I told you that there are 12 different types of Qurans online, in their orginal form, all for free! Yes, such a website exists and its from i Love Allaah’s subdivision site: You can flip the pages, change the book type, change the background image if you wanted to, magnify verses, and much more. Like I said before, there are 12 different types of Qurans available. They are (from left to right):

  1. Scripture of the Two Holy Cities (new copy)
  2. Scripture of the Two Holy Cities (old copy)
  3. Scripture of the Two Holy Cities (colored)
  4. Scripture with Tajweed (reading guidance)
  5. Scripture with Tafseer (definitions & interpretations)
  6. Scripture of Shamarly
  7. Scripture in 12 Lines
  8. English Transliteration
  9. Scripture in Urdu Writing
  10. Scripture in Urdu Writing 12 lines
  11. Scripture of narration Qaloon from Naafe’
  12. Scripture of narration Warsh from Naafe’

You can find this website here:

A long while ago, I also shared a link where you can read the Quran online, as well as listen to reciters recite the Quran, translations of it in different languages, change the Quranic verses font, etc. The link for that is here:

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