Ramadan 2012: Useful links to consider

Salam everyone. As you all maybe know, Ramadan is upon us this year and so everyone is going online searching for advice on how to make the best of their Ramadan experience. So to save you time and energy, we have complied a list of all past articles that we believe may be useful for you this Ramadan. Of course throughout Ramadan, we hope post some more experiences and articles on our website. Additionally, our Facebook page will be very active once Ramadan starts, so be sure to visit our page often inshaAllah!

Also July 31st, 2012 is Islamic Experiences 2nd year anniversary! So stay tuned!

May Allah (SWT) open the gates of Jennah for us and forgive all of our sins, and multiply our good deeds during this holy month. Ameen.

1) Ramadan weekly planner

2) A Special Dua for Syria

3) Ramadan Mubarak!

4) Read and listen to the Quran online

5) 10 common mistakes in Prayer (Salah, Salat or Namaz)

6) I am in Love in Ramadan!

7) Duas for Ramadan – Ramadan Mubarak!

8) Ramadan survival guide

9) Last 10 days of Ramadan are upon us!