Poverty (A story of a man named Waqqas)

Story by Anonymous

In the city of Dhaka lived a poor boy named Waqqas. He is an orphan. He lived on the streets and would spend lots of time at the Masjid. He loved to pray and although he didn’t have any money or anything, he was a happy boy. He always smiled at everyone. He had a friend named Farid who would bring him some food which his mother made for him.

While Waqqas was content with everything, people began to despise him because he was poor.

He lived on the streets and sometimes the police beat him for sleeping outside. When it rained, when it was cold, he had no one. However, he always hoped in Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala.

Night and Day, he would go to the Masjid and makes du’a to Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala asking His Help. It so happened that one night, a rich man came from UK and saw Waqqas crying and making Du’a. He asked the Imam at the Masjid about the boy. The Imam told him that he is an orphan and he makes du’a to Allah for help. This man named Sajid calls Waqqas while he was about to leave. He asks him if he would like to come with him to UK. Sajid didn’t have any kids and he wanted to adopt Waqqas. After all the decisions and paperwork, Sajid takes Waqqas to UK. Waqqas becomes very happy. In a couple of years, Waqqas attends the Oxford University and excels in his studies. He works hard night and day to become successful. After his graduation, Waqqas gets a job offer in Switzerland and he becomes very successful. Years pass by, Waqqas becomes very rich. He becomes very greedy. All he could think of is how to make more money. He doesn’t get married and gets busy in working.

After a long time, Sajid comes to visit Waqqas. Waqqas receives him with honor and respect. Sajid and Waqqas go to a restaurant and have lunch together. After lunch, Waqqas looks at the time and he tells Sajid that he is getting late to work. Sajid stops him and asks him where is the Masjid, isn’t it almost Asr time? Waqqas gets embarrassed for a moment, he tells Sajid he doesn’t know where the masjid is in the area. Sajid gets shocked. “What do you mean by you don’t know where the masjid is? Haven’t you been living in this place for some years now?” Waqqas bows his head in shame. He doesn’t know what to say.

Sajid asks him, “How come?” Waqqas tells him in a higher voice, “I do not have time to pray”.

Sajid: Since when?

Waqqas: The day I have become successful and learned how to make money on my own. I am enjoying my life the way I want it. When I was poor, people humiliated me and treated me badly.
Sajid: But weren’t you happy when you were poor? Weren’t you content? Do you feel happy? Tell me, you are so rich now. Are you happy?
Waqqas (in a low tone): No. I don’t feel happy. I have so much money than I have ever imagined but I don’t feel happy.

Sajid: Who gave you all this success? It’s from Allah and He can take it away from you. How many times have you thanked Allah? You were an orphan, Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala gave you a family and He gave you so much that I am sure many kids who used to live with you in Bangladesh don’t even have that much. How is it that now you are deluded? You are worshipping money instead of Allah, the One worthy to be worshipped. He gave you all this. It was you who asked Allah’s help and now what happened to you?

Waqqas begins to cry so much. He regrets what he has done now.

He apologizes to Sajid. They both find the nearest masjid and pray Salat Al ‘Asr together.

Waqqas repents to Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala for what he had done. He leaves all his work and goes to Bangladesh. There he uses meets Farid who rejoices upon meeting him. Waqqas looks around every place;that very street he used to sleep. He spent his money in building a masjid and a school in Bangladesh. In this masjid, the poor children were given food. Waqqas made sure that there were free Qur’an classes there and goes back to Switzerland. Every month he would send money to Farid to make sure the poor in his town be taken care of. The ones who had no place to sleep were given shelter. Waqqas gets married to a beautiful orphan Muslimah from his hometown and continues to supports masjids everywhere.

Money comes and goes. When we give to others, it makes us happy as well. If we do not give charity and keep everything to ourselves, then we can never be happy. Everything we have is given to us by Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala. It is our duty to support and help our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world. Who knows there could come a day that we will be at their place? There is so much poverty in this world. If we spend our money in charity, Allah gives us more. I know for sure and it did happen to me Alhamdulillah. Don’t worry about if you will have enough money or not, just give it away and see how Allah makes a way for you in a way you have never imagined. We waste so much money on things we don’t even need while our Muslim brothers and sisters suffer out of poverty and starvation. Let’s share from what we have and inshaAllah we can make this world a better place. Alhamdulillah for everything.

‎”Who relies on his money, his money will be in a small quantity.
Who relies on his mind, he will be lost.
Who relies on his honor or his power, he will be humiliated
Who relies on ALLAH, he will never be poor, never be lost and never be humiliated, really we are completely worthless without ALLAH.”  

~ Ali bin Abi Talib (Radi Allahu Anhu)