O ye who listen to music!

Experience by Anonymous

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem. All Praise be to Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala. Imagine yourself in a dark room and there is an instrument playing music… The more you walk towards it… The more the music becomes louder! You are coming more and more towards it… The music is going much more louder like a fierce animal roaring with a final roar to eat you up. The music beats your heart… So much noise that your ears are unable to take it. The pleasant music, the one you used to call your favorite song is now unbearable to you.

Slowly the music enters your heart and almost comes near you and there you wake up! It was a nightmare!! But you can never forget that music. You get up from your bed and pray Salat AlFajr. Then that nightmare still goes around your head. You open the Quran and read the verses… You find so much peace. At this moment you feel you are in Jannah (paradise).

When I listen to Qur’an, all my worries go away. I feel so peaceful. So much connected to my Lord The Most High. It’s a great feeling as if you are sitting in a garden in paradise. SubhanAllahi Wa bihamdihi SubhanAllahil Azim.

Music is haram in Islam. (For the ones who do not agree, please see a Scholar inshaAllah and ask them about it). I am not a scholar. [You can also read an article shared by Islamic Experiences here]

My experience with music has been a very bad one. At my workplace, the people play music every day. When I pray Salah there, it gets very distracting. Music really keeps you so distracted that it keeps your hard heart. It keeps you away from the remembrance of Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala.

I am telling you, if you do what I have mentioned you earlier and if you turn on the music in a very dark place and close the room. Stay there all by yourself for a few minutes and see how you feel. We don’t realize it but Music is this bad addiction that can destroy us.

Nowadays music and songs have reached a different level. I have seen many Muslims listen to music and songs that have shirk, disbelief (kufr) in them. SubhanAllah! How can you expect to go for salah after listening to all that and to sing such songs stuck inside your head.

I once asked someone about listening to the music. That person told me that he stopped listening to it. He used to listen to it in his car, but then he thought about it. What if when he drives his car and gets into an accident? He thought to himself, he will be doing a bad deed before he dies. He stopped listening to all the music.

People say music is life. It is not. Music is not for us. We listen to Quran and it’s the most beautiful book. Quran recitations are amazing subhanAllah!!! The most greatest thing in the world is the remembrance of Allah and nothing else. Everything else in the world is not worth anything.

May Allah Subhana Wa ta’ala help us do deeds that are pleasing to Him ameen

2 responses to “O ye who listen to music!”

  1. well…i am ashamed to say that i DO listen to music and i am quite addicted. It's hard to change my style and not listen to it but Im slowly trying to at least ease off it. Thanks for the advice. ;D

  2. May Allah make it easy on you Ameen


    It takes time. Take it slow and then work towards it inshAllah. Jazak Allahu khayr.

    – Author