Nobody at Islamic Experiences is a shaykh or a scholar

Hello everyone. It has been a while since I last wrote anything…..a really long while. I’ve promised myself to start writing new posts as soon as summer starts but this is something I felt the need to really talk about and address.

Over the past few months, a couple of articles here have been pretty popular with many reading this particular article on haram relationships. It has generated at least 600-700 pageviews a week just by itself. In fact, the number of visitors coming to Islamic Experiences has increased every single month with very little action going on in the website just because of it. It’s a bittersweet feeling when you know people are reading and learning something but then find out that some people have fell into sin and are seeking advice.

I have tried my very best to answer many questions to the best of my ability without crossing the line and acting like a shaykh. However this cannot go on any longer. I am NOT qualified to answer any questions regarding what happens if you commit a certain sin or how you can over come them. I cannot give fatwas or go give speeches. I cannot even quote a hadith or an ayah from the Quran unless I know for sure that I can do so. Many people love to act like they have all the knowledge and give talks and teach classes just because they took a weekend course on fiqh or Quran. But when you give out wrong information to people, you will be held responsible for that. You may think you have the correct information but there is a huge risk that you are wrong and this is why I am hesitate to answer questions.

Islamic Experiences is a place to SHARE your EXPERIENCES in hopes of benefiting others who are going through similar situations. It is not a place to ask questions about fiqh or write an article about a topic only scholars are qualified to talk about. PLEASE keep that in mind when you are seeking an answer to any questions you have. I will be glad to answer questions that I can answer but only if it isn’t something that only a scholar can talk about. For example, I do not have a full understanding of the rulings regarding people who commit zina and how they can be forgiven. This is out of my hands.

I do plan to elaborate on people who think they have the knowledge to act like a scholar in a separate article inshaAllah as well as maybe write a part two of the article I mentioned above to address concerns people have written in the comments.

Again, I am NOT a scholar and nobody else at Islamic Experiences is a scholar either.