My mum SubhanAllah: A poem

 I think I now see what was so blind to me
The love you spoke was so transparent to me
Now the tears and emotions that play out in front of me
Much older and aged I see what is true to me
Your love and your sacrifices were mere actions to me
But now older and aged I see I do what you did for me
The lessons, the heart ache, the worry, the fear once an irritation to me is what I beg now to see
Your love is truly amazing to me
The things you went through for me and us three the reason now is so clear to me
The love for ones children only now makes sense to me
How I can repay I don’t think it can ever be
Today & forever I will promise to be the best daughter, friend and supporter I can be
So much love inside my heart I only aim to please
So much pain I see you’ve seen is what makes me strive to be
The best daughter one can be
You are truly one Amazing mum to me
 Heavy black heart

Poem submitted by Maria B