My Journey So Far

My Journey So Far

Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim 

All praise is for Allah, and Blessings and Peace be upon our beloved Nabi Muhammad (sallallaahu alahi wasallam)

La ilaha illa llah Muhammadur Rasul Allah

28th June 2011 was the most blessed day in my life as I read the Shahadah. After reading the Shahadah, Alhumdullilah I never looked back and I endeavoured and am continually trying to change everything in my life for better… my wardrobe, my friends, my likes-dislikes, my thinking, my conduct, MYSELF.

It’s been four years, one month and 28 days since Allah (SWT) opened the doors of Islam for me and made me the ‘Chosen ONE’. This is my story, my journey so far which I never tire telling and sharing with all praise and thanks to Allah (SWT) for His love and benevolence.
It is my journey, my transition from being an ignorant bare headed woman, to covering myself with a scarf to wearing an abhaya and now a niqab. And believe you me, it feels like finally coming home. I know this sounds clichéd but after reverting I realised that life is indeed very beautiful and we have many reasons to be grateful and no matter how much people doubt you, accuse you they are still good. Islam brought in me the much needed peace, tranquillity, contentment, self-respect and made me fearless as I know now that I have my Lord to turn to for protection. 

Being a niqabi, not only protects me from prying eyes but makes me strong and dignified and made me learn that beauty is not skin deep. 

My ability to read and the desire to seek knowledge were blessings in disguise from Allah because they eventually led me to discover the truth and this thirst is unquenchable. In my journey so far…I learnt and understood the importance of being steadfast in offering my Salat and the manifold blessings it offers, the importance of Wudu and cleanliness, the need for fasting and the innumerable benefits it offers, the beauty of covering and dressing properly, the need for kindness, modesty, gratitude and humility. I learned the immense amount of struggle and sacrifices our Prophet (saw) and all his shahabahs had to go through to bring Islam to us. Most importantly, that I am no one and can’t do anything without the will of my Creator. I have learned that it is very difficult to please and forgive people but rather it is very easy to please my Lord and ask for His forgiveness and be best assured that Inshallah, it will be granted. So why shouldn’t I strive for that and be a grateful servant of Allah. 

Being inherently patient, Islam enabled me to be strong in the face of extreme adversity, and to live with a nightmare, I pray and wish no woman in this world has to go through. 

My journey so far… would not have been so easy and beautiful without the love and support of my husband (who introduced me to the beauty of Islam), my mother-in-law, my teacher Sister Nazira and her husband Hazrat Nafees Ahmed, my teacher Sister Nikhat, Lulu Aunty, Asma Madam, my friend Naufia and even my parents who even though did not introduce me to the folds of Islam, neither supported my decision, but in spite of that I thank them for instilling in me understanding to differentiate right from wrong. For them, I pray that Allah (swt) opens their sealed hearts.
Moreover, I also owe my gratitude to learned scholars, Dr. Yasir Qadhi, Mufti Menk, Sister Aamina Elahi, Dr. Israr Ahmed, Maulana Tariq Jamil, whom I never had the privilege to meet in person but whose lectures and knowledge have left me spellbound… asking for more and lastly Islamic Experiences for providing such an excellent platform.

Oh Allah, You know me better than I know myself, You know every sin I have committed and every good deed I have done. I beg for forgiveness and plead for Your benevolent mercy and pray that You always keep me in your love and kindness.

Experience submitted by Sarah Zameer Shaikh