My best friend is Allah

An experience by Princess Chamsous Sabah

Once i was asked,  who is my best friend. I said Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala. The person looking at me was amazed at my answer.

We all have friends. No matter how much we get close to them. We still are more closer to Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala. To me, He is my best friend. I don’t to wait to call Him to talk to him. I can talk to my Lord whenever I want even in the middle of the night. He would always listen to me.

When my heart is at sorrow, I cry to Him and He makes me feel better. I find so much peace within myself after talking to Him. When I am alone, He gives me company.

When I am about to do something wrong, I remember Him and I refrain from it. He wants what is best for me and because of His mercy i am on the right path alhamdulillah.

When I know more about Him, He makes me so much happy. When I know He is pleased, I feel more closer to Him. To Him I will return one day insha’Allah. It is His face I long to see in the Jannah the most.

When it rains, I can see His mercy showering over me. When i see the moon, I wonder How beautiful He is. When I see the mountains, I know His is the Might and Power. When I become humble, He raises me in Honor. I see His love around me when I am with my loved ones. He knows my every breath. His wisdom and kindness is the greatest.

With Allah as my best friend, I am not afraid. I am happy and I am thankful to Him. He is this one friend who cares for me in every way. My life is for Him and my death I wish be for His sake only. Ameen.

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