My adornment: My hijaab

Bismillah Har Rahman Hir Raheem
All praise is for Allah, The Almighty, Lord of the Universe and Sustainer of the worlds. And blessings and Peace be upon our beloved Nabi Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alahi Wasallam).

I am Sarah-Sarah Zameer Shaikh, a lecturer by profession teaching Law to post-graduate students and indeed, I am very proud to use my husband’s name next to mine, as I am what I am because of him. My name Sarah (which when translated in Persian and Arabic respectively means “a woman of high rank-a princess”) has also been given to me by him. People may have heard of angels or being showered with blessings in disguise, but I have experienced it, Allah Taala has been extremely benevolent towards me to take my astrayed soul in His embrace. For that I am full of gratitude to my husband who played the most important and pivotal role in this. Without sounding arrogant, I am truly the chosen one. Yes, I was born and brought up in another religion but now has found my anchor-I have returned to Islam. As it is, when a child is born, it is deemed a Muslim, since its soul has come directly from Allah.

Over the period, I would want people to know about my journey but to begin with, I want to share my reason and experience on adorning the hijaab. Why I call it an adornment? The simple explanation that I can offer is that there is nothing more valuable and precious for any woman except her chastity and modesty and this is what I feel after wearing a hijaab. As is the case with all husbands, my husband also wanted to shield me from prying eyes both for the love of Allah and me, so one day in passing he mentioned to me that I should start wearing a hijaab. True to Allah, I ignored his wish, though my reason for not wearing was not to show any kind of disrespect towards him. Initially, I was very apprehensive thinking about all baseless things right from whether I will be able to carry it, what will people think or say, will I look good etc…. I then thought to myself that I should wear to those places where I am comfortable and confident that people would not question me and at some places where I was to get a dubious attitude I will avoid, was I right? No. How could I make it a matter of convenience and all these fleeting thoughts arose from my own ignorance and failing to accept that I would actually look more beautiful with hijaab? Finally, after a lot of self-debate and introspection I wore the hijaab. I thought to myself that procrastination in this case will most certainly not help me, either it is now or never. More than anything else, I strongly believed that wearing a hijaab was the best way for me to shed my previous identity.

I remember the first time I wore to the class every one was completely aghast with my complete makeover. Hardly, students in the class paid attention to what I was teaching but rather were overly curious to know why I have done this, not only that, some even went to the extent of calling me a hypocrite. Nevertheless, one day led to another and now I am confident in my own skin. All thanks to Allah Taala who gave me the necessary strength to not only face the hostility of these people but also overcome my weakness. Hijaab not only hides our flaws and in the process makes us look very dignified yet noble, modest yet glorified. Moreover, beauty is not about showing but all about preserving our chastity. It is a means of self-protection and just imagine how strong you would feel from within, as you know that you are receiving all the glad tidings from Allah, by obeying and following whole-heartedly what he has ordained for you.

After wearing hijaab, I have learned and understood the meaning of true happiness. It has helped me to be sincere and courageous yet down to earth. It has given me a new sense of confidence and I, now look at the world with a renewed perspective, ready to face every obstacle. I now dress and behave well only for the sake of pleasing and looking beautiful in the eyes of my Allah and for my guardian angel in the form of my dear husband.

Life, I know is a trial- the good person is one who believes, worships, lives properly and obey’s Allah’s commands. I want to do and be all of these, Insha Allah that will enable me to receive the glad tidings of Allah, both here and the hereafter. I want to rejoice and bask in the glory of being a Muslim woman.

Experience submitted by Sarah Zameer Shaikh

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  1. Dear Sarah, you have made all of us Muslims proud, including me – your husband. May Allah always shower His blessings on you in abundance. Ameen.