Making dua for non-Muslims

 DO WE PRAY FOR NON-MUSLIMS? (please read to the finish, inshallah)

Assalam alaikum brothers and sisters. I am a revert/convert Muslim. I was very shocked by how many times I have read or heard that Muslims should not pray or make dua for non-Muslims. On the other hand, we are to do our best to do dau’wah every opportunity. The events I am writing about in this post just happened in the last 3 days. (I’m not using names of people involved in this event.)The Blessings and Mercy of Allah are endless and occur in the most amazing ways…

My dear sister(L) and mentor in Islam is a convert/revert (almost 30yrs now). She has a son(D) from her first marriage, before she became Muslim. This son was raised in her faith, at that time was Christianity. He is 51yrs old now and was not practicing any faith. They had some difficulty in their relationship.

A few days ago D went to the hospital with difficulty breathing. Initially they said pneumonia, but it turned out to be something much worse and fatal. He is on breathing machine and in intensive care until. The prognosis is he will pass away any time. As Allah wills.

Now, there is another sister(E)(converted 3yrs ago), she came to Islam when her son(Y)(he was Muslim convert) passed away suddenly. E was a Catholic all of her life and upon her sons passing, started learning about Islam and became Muslim.

Now, last night, Friday, when I informed E that L’s son D was in grave condition and not expected to make it she wanted to go visit D in the hospital. A few of us held that we should wait until we were asked to go by L, since her son was not Muslim. E did not agree, and without being sure even what hospital he was in, she left to go look for him at the local hospitals… the next part is the Miracle and MERCY of Allah…

E found D in the hospital. When she went to his room, he was sleeping. He was connected to a ventilator (breathing machine). She sat in a corner chair and quietly started reading from the English translation of the Qua’ran and making dua. After 45 minutes D woke up. He gestured for her to come by him.

D was able to write on a paper. E introduced herself as the Muslim sister of his mother. She told him how her son passed on and the story of how she found Islam.. through the limited conversation, E learned that her son and D had alot in common. D wrote many things during her visit, and finally the nurses asked E to leave.

After E left the hospital, D used his cel phone to send a message to his mother telling her of her Muslim sisters visit and that she was like an angel reading to him. The next morning when L went to visit her son, he wrote on his paper many things about God/Allah and that he wanted to be with his mother in Heaven(Jennah). And then.. D wrote that he wanted to be Muslim. Alhamdulilah. He wrote it repeatedly… I want to be Muslim. I want to convert. How can he do it?

Can you imagine this? His mother was grief stricken that her son is passing from this world. The simple act of our sister E, reading Qua’ran and making dua for this complete stranger, non-Muslim, going just for love of Allah and for her sister in Islam…this man opened his eyes to see the true nature of Islam. Love, mercy, compassion, faith, hope, and charity. Alhamdulilah and he was touched. Allah akbar.

I have talked to L a few hours ago. Her son D is not awake anymore. His condition has gotten worse. She was crying when she called me, but crying from joy and happiness. She said that she will miss her son terribly, but Allah has given her the biggest Mercy by calling her son to Islam. Because it is Allah who touches the heart and opens it to the truth. We are just the slaves, servants, and embassadors of Islam. L opened her Qua’ran to read to her son as he slept and she found that she had opened it to Surah 40, Ghafir, and ayas 7-9 are beautiful dua for this moment… Alhamdulilah.

You never know when you extend yourself to a non-Muslim what that action or word or smile might result in. We are all from Allah and we all return to HIM. I pray that we can all learn something from this post and do our best to help our fellow human beings. Even if it is something as simple as a prayer…. Inshallah ameen.

If I have offended anyone’s beliefs, I apologize.

Experience submitted by Chantelle Cummings

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