Salam To all viewers:

We are going through major blog design changes for few weeks.
You can expect frequently appearance changes throughout the time.
There is no virus infect on our site, so you can relax and browse safely.

Meanwhile you can post your comment about the changes and we may consider your comments carefully.

**UPDATE: List of changes will be made below.**

Things that have change so far:
1) The background picture of the moon now stays in place even if you scroll the page. Before you used to scroll the page and the image stay above, meaning the background would be black. Now the background will always remain, not affected by any scrolling up or down pages.

2) Out with the moon and in with the thunder. We’ve done some major changes in the looks department as you can see. 

3) Redesign completed. InshaAllah we will look at implementing new features as well as a new way to share your stories.

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