Lets be realistic about hijab

One of the problems we have today when it comes to us Muslims is that we tend to be critical of each other when we should, in fact, be critical of ourselves. We can’t say that people aren’t good Muslims just because they don’t have a beard or isn’t wearing hijab. You don’t know the circumstances they may be facing. For example a brother who doesn’t have a beard might not be able to grow one and a sister without hijab might be going through family problems because she is the only Muslim in the house and they forbid her from wearing it. Speaking of hijab, it is extremely hard these days to be a Muslim so imagine a Muslim sister. Nobody might know that a brother is a Muslim until he tells them but for a sister, its a giveaway. And these days, we have people mocking them, shunning them, laughing at them and even abusing them just for wearing the hijab. If you want to experience what these sisters are going through, try wearing a turban and the Islamic robe that goes with it, as the video mentions, and see how you feel. 

I have chosen to share this video because I believe it is very beneficial for everyone. I am hoping that it will open up your mind about what our sisters go through in the western world and to be open minded in other topics of Islam as well. We should at least be critical of ourselves before being critical of others and even then, instead of criticizing, we should offer solutions instead of bringing more problems. May Allah guide us, protect us, and increase the patience and strength of our sisters in Islam. Ameen.