Learn Arabic free online

No excuse for those who don’t know Arabic to not take advantage of this. madinaharabic.com offers materials and courses to help you learn Arabic. It currently plans on having 110 lessons in the long run but right now only has 27. This is probably because the website was a voluntary project and they didn’t expect it to become so popular. Besides their lessons, they offer a vocabulary/flashcard application, a discussion forum, a question application, and they even have have a low bandwidth version of the site incase your internet speed is slow. Actually, you can even download the entire website! It’s about 236mb in size which is nothing nowadays so if you’re in an internet cafe, you can always bring it with you back home if you have a computer with no internet access. If that doesn’t sound as convenient to you, then if you have access to a printer, you can even print the lessons so you can have a hard copy! There are so many more features that this site offers and I highly recommend you visit this site so you and your children (if you have any) can learn the Arabic language.

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