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Facebook is a great if you know how to use it properly. And for a Muslim, using it properly means giving, da’wua, spreading hadiths, Quranic verses, lectures, etc. Here at Islamic Experiences, we also use our Facebook page for that purpose as well.

Sometimes there is a link to a YouTube video that I want to share but feel like its not worth a post, yet, worth sharing. So I post it on the Facebook page. If I find a link to a good article that I believe is worth sharing, I post it on the page as well. So you see, when you join Islamic Experiences on Facebook, you’re not only just showing support to the site, you are actually getting more content that you would have otherwise missed if you didn’t like our Facebook page.

One thing to note is, in the beginning when this site just started (July 31 2010….just a few days away!) there was nothing to share at the moment. So I had to resort to posting articles that were already on the web. Now recently if you’ve noticed, I’ve posted more original content and decided to post any articles that are already on the web, on our Facebook page. I’d rather post a few but original or analyzed material from previous articles already on the web than just copying and pasting them into a post.  If I just keep posting articles already on the web, than what would be the difference between Islamic Experiences and Facebook? Anyone can share a link.

Therefore I urge all of you to continue sharing this website with everyone else because the more people we have, the more experiences and stories there will be which in turn, makes everybody learn from each others experiences and will make us all become better Muslims inshaAllah.