Islamic Experiences’ 2nd year anniversary!

Salam! Today is Islamic Experiences 2nd year anniversary! So much has changed by the will of Allah (SWT). I would have never imagined Islamic Experiences to grow this much in just two short years. Alhamdulilah for everything. Over the past 2 years, we’ve seen some very interesting and heart-warming experiences and articles being posted here and I want to thank everyone who posted their experiences over the past 2 years. May Allah bless everyone who contributed to Islamic Experiences through posting their experiences, commenting on those experiences, and sharing these experiences to their friends and family. Ameen.

As I mentioned before, a lot of things has happened over the past year. During Islamic Experiences 1st year anniversary post (which you can read here) we made a list of goals we wanted to accomplish within the next year. So I will go over what we have done this past year, see if we met most of our goals, what we are doing now, and what we plan to do in the future as well as things that we might do but is a distant possibility.
What we accomplished over the past year:
Creation of our YouTube Channel: In the beginning of our second year, we created our YouTube channel to post lectures as another way to learn about Islam. This was in partnership with Baruch Muslim Student Association. This was great at the beginning of our second year but as the year progressed, we didn’t post as much. More on this later.

Twitter account: This wasn’t what I had immediate plans for but under pressure, we made an account and the results are pleasing. Our records show that many people have used twitter to share some of our posts as well as email. So we are glad to have provided another medium for people to share experiences and articles.

Original articles: As Islamic Experiences grew, the need to post articles from other websites has declined to zero. Before, the goal was to post a lot of experiences and articles but doing so would sacrifice quality. So instead, we would rather have original content even if there was only 2 posted in a month. This is because Facebook has become another way to keep people aware that Islamic Experiences is active.

New logo, website design, and original images: Another issue we had going into our second year was the look and feel of our website. First we created a fresh and simple new logo that shows that we are now an international association and not just a small and simple blog. To compliment the new logo, we went through many website designs until we reached this design which gives you all the control to view this website however you please if you don’t like the default look you get when you first go on Islamic Experiences (learn how to control the look of this website to your liking here). Original images has continued to be a problem due to a lack of great photo editing experience. We have teamed up with Tahir Chaudhry to be able to use any of his images in exchange for giving him more exposure, however, we haven’t used many of his images yet.

Islamic Experiences apps: We submitted an app to the Google Play Store, Google Currents, Windows Marketplace, and Nokia Ovi store. All these gave everyone the ability to read the articles and experiences posted on our website through your phones. This has benefited many people and we will inshaAllah, continue to support these apps.

The only thing we haven’t done is trying to get a good shaykh or imam to be associated with this website. This is something that we also don’t think we can do this year but inshaAllah getting a good shaykh on this site can only happen with the will of Allah (SWT).

What we are doing now and what the future holds (if Allah (SWT) wills):

Getting more exposure: Just like last years goal, we are continuing our efforts in spreading the word about our website so more people can post their experiences. We are doing this in many ways such as attending events and giving out business cards, magnets, etc. Also being nominated last year in the Brass Crescent Awards was a great boost in generating awareness and we plan on getting nominated again this year inshaAllah. Please nominate Islamic Experiences for “Best New Blog” here!

Better YouTube content: We stopped posting exclusive lectures but we plan to make up for it. We plan to post videos of material written in books and have someone with a nice voice read a certain piece or paragraph while showing captions of what he is reading as well as a nice nasheed in the background. Also as a reminder, experiences can also be uploaded as a video too! So we plan to create some video experiences in order to get the ball rolling.

Short films: A few weeks ago we have started recording a short film that Islamic Experiences is co-producing and sponsoring. After spending a lot of time learning about professional film making, we have decided to test our knowledge and try to release something beneficial to the Ummah. You’ll learn more about our film in the up coming weeks inshaAllah. We’ve experienced so many delays already so don’t get too excited if we don’t release a film anytime soon!

More partnerships and strengthening current ones: As of right now, we have 3 official partnerships. Among the 3, 2 of them have already passed our original partnership agreements so in essence, they are just partners by name. The other one, with Tahir, is still on going. We plan on contacting Baruch MSA and The Muslim Voice to find new ways to benefit the Ummah through our partnerships while seeking new organizations to partner with to benefit the Ummah as well.

Possible new logo: This was something that just happened last minute. A good shaykh that I know personally offered to design a new logo for Islamic Experiences. Of course, if it is good, we’ll make it our new logo. If not, we’ll just stick to this one as I personally find it unique and fine for now.

And of course, MORE EXPERIENCES!!!

Distant possibilities (just ideas being thrown out there):

Hosting a major event: The event will be an ICNA style like convention or at the very least a partnership with one of the major Islamic organization in America. The chances of this happening are slim, but one can dream right?

Giveaways: I have always planned on giving something away to our fans at Islamic Experiences but because we have a huge fan base all over the world, it would not be fair to only give away free stuff to people in my country (America) but not be able to give free stuff to other countries such as UK, Pakistan, and other countries where we get a lot of our traffic from. The cost of shipping is just too expensive to do so. I might try and figure something out but until then, this will not happen.

Islamic Experiences Awards: This idea isn’t actually so far-fetched. We can give out certificates or website badges to people who submit the best experience or story or we can give them out to websites that best encourage other people to share their stories with the world besides our site. It can also be like the Brass Crescent Awards where we can reward people and websites for their hard work in educating the Ummah and others about Islam. The possibilities are endless and I think this will be a very good idea to implement.

If you have any more ideas on how Islamic Experiences can improve or what more we can do to spread da`wah and benefit the Ummah, please write a comment on this post! We would love to hear some of your ideas!

Islamic Experiences has grown so much in such a short time and I only have you guys to thank. None of this could be possible without the support of every single one of you. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the help of our newest member here at Islamic Experiences, Ishrat Ali.

Ishrat Ali has been helping out with the facebook page for the past year. She was responsible for the massive growth that occurred on that page. Most of the hadiths, quizzes, pictures and other links have been posted on the page were done by her. She has also contributed to many articles here at Islamic Experiences. Without her help and love for Islam, Islamic Experiences would never be where it is today. So for that, Ishrat Ali is now an official member of Islamic Experiences. She will be a contributing author and will from time to time post articles and experiences on our website. She will also continue to help out on the facebook page since she is very good at that. Congratulations!

To learn more about Ishrat Ali, you can visit the About Us page to read her biography.

Once again, thank you all very much for supporting Islamic Experiences and we hope to be around for our 3rd, 4th and infinite anniversaries inshaAllah. May Allah reward you all. May Allah also reward all the Muslims all over the world who have benefited from Islamic Experiences and all the other Islamic websites that are out there to spread da`wah. Ameen


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  1. MashaAllah. Heartiest Congratulations to the entire team. The type of work you all are doing and spreading awareness is truly commendable. All the very best.