Hajj: A golden dream

Story by Anonymous

Once in a small town lived a beautiful Muslimah named Aisha. Her beauty was the imaan in her heart that made her character very beautiful. She has excellent manners. Her gracefulness and compassion were the diamonds that shimmered inside her. Her Hijab was her crown, a complete princess was she. Since her childhood she dreamed about going for Hajj. It wasn’t easy for Aisha to go for Hajj since her family was very poor but it never stopped her from dreaming and hoping to go on Hajj someday.

Once a week, Aisha’s father, Tahir would give her one dollar to buy her favorite chocolate. Aisha loved chocolates. She was very fond of them but she never spent her money on chocolates. If she would find anyone poor than her on her way from school, she would give her money in charity. The rest if she had any, she would save it to go for Hajj. Many years pass by; Aisha saves a good amount of money. She gets a job and starts working to help her family.

One day, Aisha’s neighbor named Salma, a widow, felt sick. Aisha went to check on her that day. Salma had a heart attack, so Aisha rushed her to the hospital. Aisha would bring her neighbor food every day and would visit her in the hospital. Salma loved Aisha very much. After a few days, the doctor named Rashid advised Salma for a surgery. Salma’s condition worsened day by day. Heart Surgery was very important for Salma. However Salma didn’t want to do it because she knew that she would be unable to pay all the medical costs. When Dr. Rashid mentioned the surgery to Aisha, Aisha smiled and right away went to her bank. She took all the money from her savings account and gave it to the doctor without saying a word to Salma. This was the money that Aisha had been saving her whole life to go on the blessed journey of Hajj. Aisha sacrificed her one and only dream to save her neighbor from dying.

When the doctor found out about this, he immediately called his brother Salman. Salman is a very rich and a successful businessman. He was looking for a pious woman to get married. Upon looking at the generosity and the excellent character of Aisha, Dr. Rashid asked Salman to get married to her. After Salma’s recovery, Aisha gets married to Salman. After her marriage, Salman surprises Aisha to take her on Hajj that same year. Aisha’s joys were higher than the skies. She became very happy and thanked Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala for everything.

Aisha says:

Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik!
O Allah I am at Your Service.

With a feeling of peace
In my heart O Allah!

Here I come,
To Bait Allah

Reciting, repenting, worshipping,
To my Lord I offer Praise

Facing the Ka’bah
Doing Tawaf

Drinking Zam Zam
Moving at a pace

With one intention
in my heart

Just to please You
O Allah, The Only God.

Every step I take,
I remember Your Prophets

Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam
And his Companions

Trying to feel
how they have performed Hajj

Making every moment
Trying to follow The Prophet
Peace be upon him

My connection to the world
is completely gone

I feel I am connected
And close to My Lord.

My tongue makes Dhikr,
Eyes See the Great Ka’bah

My heart repents
My mind making Du’a

My body in Salah,
Bowing and Prostrating

All I can say is Allah!
How beautiful is your House

How thankful I am
To witness your Oneness

Seeking only your reward
To be a sinless child again

Asking for your help
Your love and my steadfastness
In the religion of Islam

Narrated ‘Aisha (RadiAllahu Anha), the mother of the faithful believers: I said, “O Allah’s Messenger! We consider Jihad as the best deed. Should we not participate in Jihad” The Prophet (Sall Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said, “No! The best Jihad (for women) is Hajj-Mabrur.” [2:595-O.B] Sahih Al Bukhari

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