Going to the Masjid – yes or no?

An experience by a sister who wishes to remain anonymous.

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem

All praise be to Allah Subhana Wa ta’ala

Every time when I think of masjid. The word “bait Allah” comes to my mind.

A Masjid is the house of Allah. This is this one place I feel so much peace inside. I feel protected and very happy. When I go to the masjid, I don’t go there to socialize with people or any of that sort. To me, I am at the house of Allah Swt and I want to please my Lord by worshipping Him. My heart and mind is focused only on Allah Swt and nothing else.

To me, I am in front of my Rabb. Me and my Lord and no one else. I forget who is around me and who is not.

Alhamdulillah it’s great to go to the masjid.

I learned this from one Shaykh, “Once a pious man want to the masjid to pray, next to him were two other men praying. When he was done praying, he found two men fighting. One of them came to him saying, “Did to notice this man? He didn’t pray properly!” The other man in his defense said he did pray perfectly. Upon this, the pious man said, “I am not sure who prayed well or not. I was so busy in my prayer in front of my Lord that I did not notice anyone’s prayer.”


I usually pray at home but once in a while I go to the masjid to pray Alhamdulillah. However, once I went there and I got yelled by one lady there. I got hurt by what she said. I felt like crying but I consoled myself saying “Remember one of the Salaf said, “When someone hurts me I take it as a gift from Allah Subhana Wa Ta’ala teaching me humility”.

Next time, I was asked to go to the masjid, I said I didn’t want to because the lines in the row are not straight. People yell at you. I said I didn’t want to go.

Then upon this, I was told a story about my grandmother, she would walk to the masjid on foot even in her old age. She would not care and she would prefer walking to the masjid because of the blessings and pray tahajjud there! SubhanAllah!

I then said to myself, its ok and that I am only going for the sake of Allah Swt, I should be fine. The next time I went, I prayed Alhamdulillah. I exchanged salams and smiles from pious muslimahs there. I listened to a great Khutbah and came home happily