Death Has No Time or Place

Death Has No Time or Place


So I wake up in the middle of my sleep to get a glass of water then all of a sudden for some reason I imagined that death was standing before me. Shortly after that I went back to bed then I started to think how none of us ever think before we sleep that what if we never wake up? We have our alarm clock set, even plans for the following day planned but what about death? Are you prepared for that?

Death is a topic most people do not like discussing about but remember Allah(swt) says

Every soul shall taste death“. Surat ‘Ali `Imran [verse 185] 

I’m pretty sure we know someone or even a family member who has passed away and I’m also pretty sure the day before their last breath they had no idea it was their last day. Yes this dunya seems so beautiful and we don’t want to leave it. If we can let go of this dunya how can we get to jannah. 

Tomorrow is promised to no one so why not prepare for the hereafter, that means we take Islam seriously in our lives, make time for Allah, Salah, and Quran. I promise you will see a difference in your life. When you are intact with your deen, this world will mean nothing. 

We are in this world like a traveler. Our days are numbered our actual destination is jannah! That’s where we want to be. The shaytan says to us “why wait for jannah, have your fun now” but Allah tells us to be patient. Certainly for us lies something 100 times better than this world. 

Please take some time out of your day to ponder over these things. Surely we are not immortal. 

Say the Shahadah before going to bed.
Say the dauas before going to bed.
Most importantly pray Salah.

No one knows if we will see tomorrow but death is certain.

Article submitted by Shima Nahar