Cultural parents

Baba Ali is back (since last month) and with that comes more informational videos inshaAllah. Baba Ali has posted a new video on YouTube called Cultural Parents where he describes many aspects of what children go through when parents choose to practice their culture more than their religion. Examples of that may be mixed marriages, hanging out with cousins that are not your mahram*, etc. Sometimes children want to experience Islam without the cultural nonsense that may even be haram! Personally, I know many people who have parents like this where parents think that just because they put them into Islamic school when they were young, that means they know the religion. There are children that want to learn Islam through their parents but their parents give no attention to them. This has become a huge problem nowadays which is why it is very important for me to share this video.

Please watch and share this video with your friends and especially your parents. Parents if you are watching this, I hope this has given you a reminder of your responsibilities as parents and a wake up call that Allah will question you on how you raised your kids. May Allah guides us all. Ameen.

*Mahram: Any man with whom a woman has a relationship (of blood or fosterage) that precludes marriage, is considered a Mahram to her.