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  • When loneliness hits – Striving

     Dim lightBlack sightLooking up into the plain ceiling nightQuiet surroundingHumming soundingSilent mutterBut with most silence insideThe heart beatsQuiet & AloneSearching & craving for that one thingMoments passSeconds into minutesLoneliness hits& temptation beginsFighting back your Nafs and desiresHolding onto Allah’s rope much tighterBlocking out what we should not desireRemembrance of AllahAnd His promises He’s toldTo the […]

  • A Special Dua for Syria

    Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem O Allah! The Compassionate The Merciful Ar Rahman Ar Raheem Today and everyday I ask You for Syria O King, O the Holy One Al Malik Al Quddus I raise my hands That You have given me Begging Only You for Mercy O The Source of Peace and the Guardian […]

  • Reflections on Syria – A poem

    2010, 2 years on from the Gaza Massacre A poem I wrote in remembrance 2012, a year’s gone by with Syrian people being put to die Graphic images on videos and pages the oppressors come on the screen to lie while people out there cruelly die distressed, for our help they cry while we are […]