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  • My Islamic experiences in New York City (Part II)

    Part I of this experience can be found here. So, what did I mean when I said things aren’t always as pleasant and peaceful here in New York City for us Muslims? I talked about several advantages of living in this city in Part I of this series and all of those are well deserved […]

  • My Islamic experiences in New York City (Part I)

     I have been here in this city for over a decade now. So, I have a good idea of how people are here and how things work. New York City is one of those places where you’ll see a homeless man singing over the top of his lungs in a crowded subway and everyone will […]

  • 10 easy ways to being a more productive Muslim in NYC

    Preparatory step: Renew your intentions for the sake of Allah 1. On the train/bus ride commute to school read at least one page of the Quran; on the way home read the tafseer for that page. 2. Smile 🙂 Its sunnah and its a charitable act that’s free and takes no extra time out of […]

  • We believers are one Ummah

    An experience by a sister who wishes to remain anonymous. Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem All praise be to Allah Subhana Wa ta’ala. Jummatul-wida! Smiles twinkled on everyone’s faces. A blessed day! SubhanAllah at the same time, teardrops like the rain fall on our cheeks. We do not want this blessed month to leave us. […]