Category: new feature

  • Google Translate is back!

    Salam everyone. Unfortunately, this isn’t a new article or experience but by the will of Allah (SWT) I will post some soon. I just wanted to let everyone know that before our new website look, we used to have the Google Translate feature on our site. After we switched to the new layout, that feature […]

  • Updates: What we’ve added and what needs to be done

    This summer, I’ve been hard at work trying to update this website. A lot (and I mean A LOT) has changed during these past 2 months. From a website that looked like it was created in 1998 to a more modern look and feel, this website has been through some major improvements alhamdulilah. I’ve looked […]

  • Submit Experience page now updated!!!

    I am pleased to announce a much better way to submit your stories/experiences. Now you can just type and edit your story right from the site! Before you had to click on a link and the text box was so small, you couldn’t write anything in it. Now, the text box is spacious and you […]