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  • Ummah “A touching story”

    My name is Ummah. This is my story. I am an orphan who grew up in poverty. I am eight years old. Yesterday, I looked around me and saw people celebrating and I was uninvited. I got looked down every time I walked through the streets. I always felt this emptiness in my heart. I […]

  • 9/11 made us better Muslims

    The horrible acts of terror during 9/11 can never be justified. The terrorists responsible who claimed that Islam justified it are 100% wrong and misguided. 10 years have pasted since then and one thing is for certain. Muslims today are much more different than the Muslims before 9/11. Read more to learn why. Before 9/11, […]

  • The Muslim Ummah has awaken

    Since World War I, the Khalifa had fallen, the Muslim Ummah had been silenced, and the kufr had taken over. Recently however, there has been a change. The Muslim Ummah started to wake up. The age of the internet has brought Muslims together; they started to realize that there has to be a change. How […]