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  • The story of 4 sisters seeking a spouse

    [This is a follow up of another story recently submitted titled: The story of 4 brothers who wanna get married] In the silence of the night, I can feel the cold air rushing through me. I get up from my bed shivering and slowly close my room door. Everyone in my family is asleep except […]

  • Being a housewife ≠ being a slave or maid

    The amount of times I’ve heard brothers say “my wife is meant to serve me” or when sisters say “I won’t cook and do the laundry for him while he gets to go outside and enjoy himself” is simply sad and pathetic. Single and married Muslims need to grow up and understand that if that’s […]

  • The story of 4 brothers who get married

    [A sequel to this story has been published titled: The story of 4 sisters seeking a spouse] Four best friends met at a cafe as usual. At noon, they ordered their favorite food and began to ask each other one important question. It was a question about what kind of a spouse they are looking […]

  • Single Life vs Married Life (A story)

    One dark night in the streets of Istanbul, Turkey walked two strangers and clashed into one another. It was no other than Single Life and Married life. They both come across one another. Married life falls on the ground and single life yells at him. “Hey! Can’t you see where you are going?” Married Life […]