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  • Lowering your gaze applies to women too!

    Living in America (and in the West in general) is pretty tough for Muslims. Not only are we faced with increased scrutiny about our faith, but there is a lot of fitna and chances to commit sins as well. For a Muslim to go through all of this and at the same time, still wake […]

  • Lets be realistic about hijab

    One of the problems we have today when it comes to us Muslims is that we tend to be critical of each other when we should, in fact, be critical of ourselves. We can’t say that people aren’t good Muslims just because they don’t have a beard or isn’t wearing hijab. You don’t know the […]

  • Summertime fitnah – tips on how to lower your gaze

    Summer is almost here in America and with it, comes temptations and opportunities for fitnah to occur. You see, fitnah is like the weather. The hotter it gets, the more fitnah there is. You’ll see women wearing clothes that barely cover their body. You’ll see men…wearing or doing things that are attractive to women (clearly, […]