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  • Moving that mountain

    Dear Reader I would like you to go on a journey with me right now; a journey where we will imagine a scene. Imagine today, you open your facebook account, and you see 60 notifications and 10 inbox messages. And guess what, it is not just any message, it is messages from your favorite celebrity, […]

  • Of love and relationships (Part 1)

    Love. Four simple letters yet they evoke an array of emotions and responses. In this context, the love that I am referring to is that which develops between people of the opposite genders.  In love we sacrifice everything for our beloved. In love, we become defensive of our beloved. In love, we are willing to fight […]

  • Making dua for non-Muslims

     DO WE PRAY FOR NON-MUSLIMS? (please read to the finish, inshallah) Assalam alaikum brothers and sisters. I am a revert/convert Muslim. I was very shocked by how many times I have read or heard that Muslims should not pray or make dua for non-Muslims. On the other hand, we are to do our best to […]

  • Following the path to self-discipline

    A self-discipline person is someone who engages in disciplined thoughts and sustains them with disciplined actions. As Muslims, we must adhere strictly to rules and regulations lay down by almighty Allah and obey the Quran and Sunnah and also follow the path to self-righteousness. It takes lot of self-control and self-discipline to achieve this. In […]

  • Watch what you say to non-religious Muslims

    Salam. Just to be clear, there is a difference between a non-religious Muslim and a non-Muslim. A non-Muslim is simply a person that is not a Muslim (i.e. doesn’t believe in Islam). A non-religious Muslim is a person who is a Muslim. They may pray 5 times a day but if they’re too busy, they’ll […]

  • Lauren Booth: I’m now a Muslim. Why all the shock and horror?

    News that Lauren Booth has converted to Islam provoked a storm of negative comments. Here she explains how it came about – and why it’s time to stop patronizing Muslim women. It is five years since my first visit to Palestine. And when I arrived in the region, to work alongside charities in Gaza and […]

  • The boy with a dream

    Story by Anonymous In the city of Damascus, lived a young man named Abdullah. He was known for his kindness and diligence. If anyone would call him for help, he would help them even it was the middle of the night. He loved his mother and father very much. They both were very pious and […]

  • 9/11 made us better Muslims

    The horrible acts of terror during 9/11 can never be justified. The terrorists responsible who claimed that Islam justified it are 100% wrong and misguided. 10 years have pasted since then and one thing is for certain. Muslims today are much more different than the Muslims before 9/11. Read more to learn why. Before 9/11, […]

  • The beauty of the masjid

    An experience by a sister who wishes to remain anonymous.  Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem All praise be to Allah Subhana Wa ta’ala In the night time, Muslim men and women began entering the masjid with to pray salat al ‘Isha. The full moon lighted the sky and it reflected upon the faces of the […]

  • Islamic Experiences’ one year anniversary!

    Salam everyone. Tomorrow is July 31, 2011 which means it is officially Islamic Experiences’ 1 year anniversary! Reflecting back when this site was first created, it seems like this site has matured quite a lot. The quality of articles and experiences have increased. The amount of original content has increased. The amount of viewers has […]