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  • The most beautiful true love story ever!

    Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem A night in the city of Madinah was more beautiful than any night because I was in front of two moons. The moon next to me was my husband and other standing in the sky. I glanced at my husband with eyes filled with love. His words were so precious […]

  • Being a housewife ≠ being a slave or maid

    The amount of times I’ve heard brothers say “my wife is meant to serve me” or when sisters say “I won’t cook and do the laundry for him while he gets to go outside and enjoy himself” is simply sad and pathetic. Single and married Muslims need to grow up and understand that if that’s […]

  • A love story

    A story by a sister who wishes to remain anonymous. Once upon a beautiful moonlight night, Huda walks on the cold fresh grass glowing like the jasmine flower reflected by the moon. She enters gracefully in a garden as a bride and marries a man named Ammar. An arranged marriage was the ongoing topic among […]