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  • My adornment: My hijaab

    Bismillah Har Rahman Hir RaheemAll praise is for Allah, The Almighty, Lord of the Universe and Sustainer of the worlds. And blessings and Peace be upon our beloved Nabi Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alahi Wasallam). I am Sarah-Sarah Zameer Shaikh, a lecturer by profession teaching Law to post-graduate students and indeed, I am very proud to use […]

  • My first day wearing niqab

    Assalam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatuhu Alhamdulillah the day before yesterday was my first day wearing a Niqab. I went to the mall with my family wearing it. My family was very supportive of me wearing it especially my little brothers. I actually felt like a Princess. Niqab made me feel so beautiful Alhamdulillah. It […]

  • Lets be realistic about hijab

    One of the problems we have today when it comes to us Muslims is that we tend to be critical of each other when we should, in fact, be critical of ourselves. We can’t say that people aren’t good Muslims just because they don’t have a beard or isn’t wearing hijab. You don’t know the […]

  • The Biggest Change in My Life – A Sister’s Story

    An experience from I Love Allaah As salaamu alaykum warahmatuallaah wabarakatuh, I want to talk to you about my life before and after Hijab. I am a Muslim girl 20 years old from Arabian Gulf ” The original place of Islam.” I used to believe that hijab is not an important issue. And it’s lucking […]