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  • Where Did My Share Go?

    Where Did My Share Go?

    It may sound like being ungrateful but the clouds of frustration hovered over me long enough to make me appreciate the beams of sunlight penetrating through. It wasn’t like my husband was a bad person or Allaah didn’t bless me with kids, or my mum in law was a brutal lady. There were no financial […]

  • The story of a married couple

    Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem Once in a beautiful land lived a girl named Summaiyya who was married to a man called Khalil. They were both very pious and strived to make Islam a central aspect of their lives. Soon after their marriage, Summaiyya felt bored staying at home; she wanted to do something for […]

  • Being a housewife ≠ being a slave or maid

    The amount of times I’ve heard brothers say “my wife is meant to serve me” or when sisters say “I won’t cook and do the laundry for him while he gets to go outside and enjoy himself” is simply sad and pathetic. Single and married Muslims need to grow up and understand that if that’s […]

  • How to be a good Muslim Husband

    Muslim wives are for the most part, good wives. Muslim husbands on the other hand, are not so good. Why do I say this? Because it’s true. It’s typical to see a Muslim husband only caring for himself, giving orders, and not understanding what his wife is going through. It is a shame because they […]