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  • Death Has No Time or Place

    Death Has No Time or Place

    Asalamulaikum,So I wake up in the middle of my sleep to get a glass of water then all of a sudden for some reason I imagined that death was standing before me. Shortly after that I went back to bed then I started to think how none of us ever think before we sleep that […]

  • A curious traveller and a righteous king

     A story by a person who wishes to remain anonymous. In the light of an ancient era known to only few. There gathered some folk of the old around a bon fire who witnessed great days of great rulers. Each of them began a story which is unknown to be true or false. Among them […]

  • Letting go of bad habits before they become destructive

    You don’t have to go to school to understand that bad habits are harmful to you in one way or the other. Smoking and doing drugs, for example, can lead to future health problems. The difference between Muslims and other people when it comes to bad habits is that we have one extra reason to […]

  • Allah’s punishments upon this world

    We are only experiencing the very beginning of it but I can assure you, it is only going to get worse. Allah is oft-forgiving and most merciful. If Allah were to punish us for every sin we commit, there would be no one on the face of this Earth. Our existence in this planet is […]

  • Summertime fitnah – tips on how to lower your gaze

    Summer is almost here in America and with it, comes temptations and opportunities for fitnah to occur. You see, fitnah is like the weather. The hotter it gets, the more fitnah there is. You’ll see women wearing clothes that barely cover their body. You’ll see men…wearing or doing things that are attractive to women (clearly, […]

  • Being Thankful to Allah

    An experience from I Love Allaah by Sumayyah Bint Joan [Very slight change has been made to the wordings] The other day while watching a network news program, I saw a Muslim woman in Kosova with her six-month-old infant, who was covered in sores and suffered from a malady of illnesses, all because it had […]

  • Hook up with Allah, Allah will hook you up

    A wonderful article from Before I got married, I was given unsolicited advice on how to change in order to make myself “more appealing” to brothers. Sisters would voluntarily tell me I should be more outgoing when with men, dress more attractively to get their attention and stop being as involved with Islamic activism […]

  • “This flame is nothing compared to the fire of Hell”

    An experience from I Love Allaah Qari Muhammad Qayyam (may the mercy of Allah be upon him) related that a great deal of fighting and bloodshed had started prior to the Indo-Pakistan partition of 1947. He said that a very beautiful daughter of a very rich man in a certain community stepped out of her […]