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  • Your local shaykh/imam is a reflection of your community

    Salam everyone How many times did you go to your local masjid for jumm’ah prayer only to lose your wudu because you slept over an imam’s khutba? How many times did you almost laugh at loud when you hear the khateeb saying things about Islam that you know are 100% wrong and incorrect? How many […]

  • Figure out what you’re good at and be your best at it

    Salam, There comes a point in time where you ask yourself, “what am I really good at?” It may not be those exact words but in some form or another, this is what we ask ourselves. And we can ask ourselves this question for various reasons. It can be to make money, what kind career […]

  • Watch Masjid Al-Haram live

    Salam everyone. As a treat for us all, below is a live video stream of what is happening right now at Masjid Al-Haram in Mecca. This is a great way to see how the people are worshiping Allah and get a general feel of what it is like to be there. Enjoy!

  • Nobody at Islamic Experiences is a shaykh or a scholar

    Hello everyone. It has been a while since I last wrote anything…..a really long while. I’ve promised myself to start writing new posts as soon as summer starts but this is something I felt the need to really talk about and address. Over the past few months, a couple of articles here have been pretty […]

  • Lowering your gaze applies to women too!

    Living in America (and in the West in general) is pretty tough for Muslims. Not only are we faced with increased scrutiny about our faith, but there is a lot of fitna and chances to commit sins as well. For a Muslim to go through all of this and at the same time, still wake […]

  • The dangers of Muslims having haram premarital relationships and affairs

    Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem As Muslims, we all go through our fair share of trials and hardships in this world. Allah tests us with these trials and hardships to test our belief in Him and to always come back to Him and ask for forgiveness and guidance. But sometimes, a Muslim may slip up. […]

  • How do you find time to read Qur’an?

    Finding the time to read Quran is unfortunately something that most people don’t do. Muslims these days (myself included) try to come up with many excuses to justify this such as being very busy at work or taking a lot of classes in school or in college. But these excuses are not acceptable to Allah […]

  • Watch what you say to non-religious Muslims

    Salam. Just to be clear, there is a difference between a non-religious Muslim and a non-Muslim. A non-Muslim is simply a person that is not a Muslim (i.e. doesn’t believe in Islam). A non-religious Muslim is a person who is a Muslim. They may pray 5 times a day but if they’re too busy, they’ll […]

  • Why are religiously active Muslim women shun upon in marriage?

      Before I begin this article, I just want to point out something I found interesting. It seems to me that no matter how many articles there are about marriage in Islam, it is a topic that never gets old. If a person reads a couple of articles about respect or salah, the next article […]

  • Muslim men have no manners in the Masjid

    It’s true. No manners whatsoever. From taking up too much space during salah to the ringing of their cell phones, Muslim men simply have no manners when they are in the Masjid. Why? Maybe it’s poor parenting skills. Or maybe it’s the lack of respect or seriousness of the deen. Whatever the reason, it’s annoying […]