Category: courage

  • Faith: Submission and sacrifice

    Alhamdulillah, our only Creator and peace and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad (Sallal laahu Alihi wasallam) All power in this world belongs to Allah. None else has any strength. Nonetheless, God has endowed man with the capacity to acquire knowledge, the faculty to think and the rationality to judge between right and wrong. God […]

  • A love story

    A story by a sister who wishes to remain anonymous. Once upon a beautiful moonlight night, Huda walks on the cold fresh grass glowing like the jasmine flower reflected by the moon. She enters gracefully in a garden as a bride and marries a man named Ammar. An arranged marriage was the ongoing topic among […]

  • Courage to pray…in front of non-Muslims

    An experience by Halal My Life: I once went to a school field overnight and while I was their I had [to] pray Isha and since they were staying in that room, I didn’t have the courage to pray in front of them. I tried thinking of praying in the bathroom but I knew that was […]