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  • My Journey So Far

    My Journey So Far

    Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim All praise is for Allah, and Blessings and Peace be upon our beloved Nabi Muhammad (sallallaahu alahi wasallam)La ilaha illa llah Muhammadur Rasul Allah28th June 2011 was the most blessed day in my life as I read the Shahadah. After reading the Shahadah, Alhumdullilah I never looked back and I endeavoured […]

  • Choose Islam and Allah will honor you

    My name is Cassie, I am 23 years old. I graduated as a qualified nurse this year and was given my first position as a home nurse. My patient was an English gentleman in his early 80s who suffered from Alzheimer’s. In the first meeting, the patient was given his record and from it, I […]

  • My adornment: My hijaab

    Bismillah Har Rahman Hir RaheemAll praise is for Allah, The Almighty, Lord of the Universe and Sustainer of the worlds. And blessings and Peace be upon our beloved Nabi Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alahi Wasallam). I am Sarah-Sarah Zameer Shaikh, a lecturer by profession teaching Law to post-graduate students and indeed, I am very proud to use […]

  • Lauren Booth: I’m now a Muslim. Why all the shock and horror?

    News that Lauren Booth has converted to Islam provoked a storm of negative comments. Here she explains how it came about – and why it’s time to stop patronizing Muslim women. It is five years since my first visit to Palestine. And when I arrived in the region, to work alongside charities in Gaza and […]

  • Converts to Islam – their stories

    Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. No matter how hard people try to portray Muslims as evil or as terrorists, it is Allah who opens the hearts of people and if Allah wants a person to be a Muslim, Islam will come to him/her no matter what. Among the many countries that […]