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  • My Islamic experiences in New York City (Part II)

    Part I of this experience can be found here. So, what did I mean when I said things aren’t always as pleasant and peaceful here in New York City for us Muslims? I talked about several advantages of living in this city in Part I of this series and all of those are well deserved […]

  • My Islamic experiences in New York City (Part I)

     I have been here in this city for over a decade now. So, I have a good idea of how people are here and how things work. New York City is one of those places where you’ll see a homeless man singing over the top of his lungs in a crowded subway and everyone will […]

  • Those strange Muslims (Part II)

    Carrying on from Part I on the list of “strange” things us Muslims do, here are some more things that you are likely to find very interesting. Remember us praying? Well, before we pray we have to make (wudu) ablution to spiritually and physically clean ourselves. Just like praying, you can even look this up […]

  • Those strange Muslims (Part I)

    Us Muslims are strange, but in a good way. We have so many little things taught to us by our Prophet (peace be upon him} which we try our best to implement in our daily lives. Obviously, most of these things are not very apparent to outsiders. However, sometimes you may come across a Muslim […]