Category: being thankful

  • A reminder to be thankful

    In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful One of the most important aspects of our faith is to be thankful to our Creator, Allah (SWT), for everything He has given us. The ayat about thankfulness are too numerous to mention, but if you read any chapters of the Qur’an you will realize that […]

  • The story of an orphan girl

     An story by a sister who wishes to remain anonymous. A stranger among the strangers. Vardah, a lovely muslimah goes to the masjid every day. She has no family. She is an orphan. Her smile is never fading. She is more beautiful than a rose who blooms no matter what season it is! When one […]

  • Being Thankful to Allah

    An experience from I Love Allaah by Sumayyah Bint Joan [Very slight change has been made to the wordings] The other day while watching a network news program, I saw a Muslim woman in Kosova with her six-month-old infant, who was covered in sores and suffered from a malady of illnesses, all because it had […]